Friday, December 3, 2010

Multi-purpose USB Keychain Charger, Abby Technology Limited, Auckland. Dec-2010

The following are the simple diagrams to show you how to use the simple
Multi-purpose USB Keychain Charger.  There must be two lights turn on when it is charging (one remains turned on and the other flashing).
You can use this with any USB charger socket from the laptop or desktop computer.  I even used the USB charging socket in my card.

You can charge virtually all the batteries there are in the market.  Except for some Digital SLR's battery (they are a pain).

Great for the owner of "China Phone" or "China iPhone", those has built-in TV or dual-SIM card slot design phone.

I mainly use this for charging my digital camera battery, HTC, Blackberry and Nokia phone.

The post is dedicated to "Mothership" and Cadet Sarah, wherever you both may be, roger and out.