Friday, December 10, 2010

Loser is in shit load of trouble - "iPhone Unlock Specialist" of Auckland Central, New Zealand

11-December-2010.  The sick-looking loser is in deep shit now.  This idiot tried screwed other people on the basic of Apple iPhone repair skill in early 2010; then turn around and back stabbed the people who had help him.  As stupid as cow and think like walking skinny dead body; advertise and paid heftily for google ranking and had been ripping off innocent iPhone users.

The loser thought he can be a millionaire by learning a little of iPhone unlocking from 3.1.3 in early 2010.  Now the shit hits the fan as he do not know how to unlock iPhone firmware 4.1 and 4.2.1 onward.  Collected $50 or even $85 from each victim and turn around bricked those expensive iPhones 4G and 3GS.  According to sources, the dodgy website is pink in color; very girlish in theme... makes us wonder what this loser is all about, eh?

One of the funny thing is he now runs around town like a blinking idiot asking other real repair centres to unlock his victims' iPhone but he has no luck.  No one bother to be associated with this loser as he is mess of slither evil.  According to sources (yes, his sidekick who is a known person to Work and Income), this loser cannot afford to pay his cheap "Professional IT" rent (cheap asparagus is available on weekly basis", behind the house mortgage for couple of months and the mounting legal bill to fight for his fat foreign wife to remain in New Zealand.  He talks very big of himself but live his family right into 39th birthday, only can afford a beat up cheap car after the death of a family member. Yet, he pride himself as "successful" person in life and a giant in IT industries.

How do you know when this thin weird guy starts to lie?  Easy, the second he open his mouth, he is lying.  He weights about 45kg or less and the partner weighs over 174kg (yeah, it is "love", love of New Zealand Residency Visa).