Sunday, April 29, 2012

Information On Smartphones Flies that you might not know of!

End of 2012, mobile applications may exceed the news sites on the Internet.

More than an epiphenomenon, it’s a real groundswell. Last Thursday, the mobile users have accessed more than ever their smartphones to stay abreast of current events. The French have taken on their mobile evolution of the assault by the raid on the apartment of the killer of Toulouse. The major applications have all seen their audience skyrocket. The Figaroa, for example, recorded a threefold increase in the number of visitors to its mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone). For Le Monde, the number of hits on mobile surpassed those of the website. In exceptional cases, this could become the rule by the end of the year.

Beyond a dramatic news, the consultation of information on the go tends to be rooted in the mores. Almost 37% of smartphone users in five major European countries (including France) have already accessed news sites via an application or Web browser, according to the latest study released by ComScore. An increase of 74% in one year! In France, sales rose 59% year over year, the prize going to Spain, with a growth of 160%. Owners of smartphones become true “addicted” to information on mobile. More than a third of them consults news sites at least once a month, an increase of 74%, and already 10% of them do almost daily, an increase of 82% . In other words, people who visit the sites more information on mobile are also those who have more appeal.

Changing consumption patterns
“The increased adoption of smartphones in Europe contributed to the consumption of news and information on the fly,” says Blandine Silverman, director of ComScore Mobile. Last year, more than 14 million smartphones were sold in France. In addition, the size of phone screens has increased significantly, which makes reading easier. Moreover, with the exception of Apple, handset makers have contributed – especially through financial support – the development of applications related to information.

Important for magazine publishers attending a changing consumption patterns, the challenge is no less crucial for brands of mobile phones. Anxious to respond to the expectations of local consumers, they are trying to encourage publishers to develop applications in their world. This was accompanied by an improvement in the quality of products tailored for mobile, with more alerts. These short messages are a means of access to information very popular with mobile users.

The development of the tablet market should also benefit the viewing of the information in “nomadic”. Even if, contrary to smartphones, which are generally available outside the home, the shelves are at home.

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