Sunday, April 29, 2012

Check out the 11 Coolest Offices in the World!

Being an office clerk is not exactly the most coveted job in world, not to mention that the concept of being pinned at a desk is something 90% of the people dread. What if you would be invited to work in an office that not only brings the concept into a whole new dimension but also makes the work be fun and relaxed? There are places out there where a job from 9 to 5 is a delight because of the cool looking environment and amenities. Here, the spectacular meets functional and important work gets done better because the people are feeling much better here than in an awful corporate cubicle.

1. McLaren Technology Center – Surrey

2. Williams Group Grand Rapids – Michigan

3. Canary Wharf – UK

4. Googleplex – California

5. Skype’s On Cloud Nine Office – Sweden

6. Etsy Office – New York

7. Cannon Design Regional Office – St. Louis

8. Horizon Media Office – New York

9. Vocon’s Headquarter Building – Cleveland

10. Macquarie Group Office – London

11. Red Bull Headquarters – Amsterdam

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