Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Tablet News Update: The Tablet Of Google Would Be Pushed To Lower Its Price

The launch of Google tablet could be postponed for two months to make the final touches on its design, the site says The Verge. The U.S. giant has the intention to align the price of Amazon Kindle Fire, sold at 199 dollars (150 euros).

Marketing touch pad Google could experience a slight delay, according to information obtained by the website The Verge. Originally scheduled in May, the output of the device would eventually take place in July. The reason? Google insists on staying competitive with its rivals and is therefore seeking to reduce its production costs to arrive at a selling price as low as possible.

To achieve this, the Mountain View company has decided to grant an additional two months with ASUSTeK, responsible for the hardware, to make changes in design. For some competitors, like the Kindle Fire, are very competitive: $ 199 (about 150 euros), while the tablet Google could cost around 200 euros.

Google would be aimed a price substantially equivalent to that of the Kindle Fire. If such a decline is confirmed, Islands gains expected by the manufacturer will mechanically lower than expected even if concessions are made on the material plane. Still, Google could somehow catch up, by focusing on consumer paid content on Google Play through the tablet.

The tablet is equipped with a screen of 7 inches diagonally, a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra and a WiFi connection. To animate the whole, it is in its fourth version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) was selected as the mobile operating system. The product should be sold directly from a dedicated web page, without any intermediary.

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