Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone - beats iPhone iOS 4 hands down (tech, news, report, review, Auckland, New Zealand

The mobile phones of today’s generation are more high tech and offer various options to mobile consumers and well accompanied by great features as well. It is not so surprising that the mobile world has been filled with a lot of amazing phones that can do a lot of things, which seems to be impossible before.

Lots of new concepts have been incorporated in the latest mobile phone releases that basically give mobile consumers more convenience and a great mobile experience. One of these concepts is that of the Nokia Kinetic.

Magical, spontaneous and undirected, these may be the three words, which perfectly describe Nokia Kinetic. The Nokia Kinetic is a mobile phone that appears to be simply delightful to use. It makes activities such as receiving a call, text message, e-mail or alarm a more fun experience by turning digital information into kinetic movement.

The concept of coming up with Nokia Kinetic is simply amazing. And this amazing concept came from British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins. The Nokia Kinetic comes with an electromagnet located within the base of the phone, which enables the shifting of its weight that causes the phone to stand up and do some playful movements.

Aside from its prominent base which is seen to be the most captivating feature of the Nokia Kinetic, it also very exciting to use. With a gentle tap, it can dismiss a call or cancel an alarm. With this action, the phone will now return to standby mode. Another interesting thing in this Nokia Kinetic is that it can gradually sit up upright upon the arrival of a new message or incoming call to notify its owner. It really sounds amazing isn’t it?

Basically, the Nokia Kinetic is just a product concept and apparently, there is only a slim chance that some of its ideas will be used in a future Nokia product. However, this concept only shows that more mobile phone designers continue to strive harder and come up with something new to offer. It only justifies a lot of future development in mobile devices. We can also say that at this age and time mobile phones has been man’s newest best friend.

This may not be the first that a mobile designer could have; surely lots of new and unique ideas will still be coming up in the future. Let’s just wait and see if the Nokia Kinetic will be put into reality one of these days.

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