Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jesus's face 'seen in Google Earth image (weird, strange, news, report, Auckland, "iPhone Services"

The 'face' of Jesus Christ has been 'seen' in an image picked up by Google Earth.
The resemblance was found by a 26-year-old man as he used the mapping website to look for holiday destinations.

Zach Evans, from Southampton, spotted the outline in satellite pictures of a field on farmland near Puspokladany in Hungary.

He told the Sun: "I'm not a religious person looking for images of Mary or Jesus in everything, but this is obvious."

A number of people have claimed to have seen the face of Jesus in recent years.

Last week, Alex Cotton, 38, saw Jesus's face in a drainpipe stain in Coventry.

Toby Elles, 22, from Salford, Manchester pictured an image burned into a frying pan after it caught fire.

Similar images have also been seen on a burned iron in Massachusetts and on an Ikea lavatory in Braehead, Scotland. Technology blogs Technology Blogs Technology Blogs
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