Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy One X Power User Tips: How to maximise your battery life on your smartphone, Auckland, Dr Mobiles Limited, unlock, Google, Android

The popular HTC One X has received praise from reviewers and users alike. But if there is one thing that a lot of people are having a problem with on the phone is with its battery life. Luckily, there now seems to be a fix to this problem.

A developer on xda-developers forums has found out that the poor battery life is due to an issue with the Nvidia Tegra 3 power management controls. The power control app, NvCPLSvc.apk, has been placed in the system/bin folder instead of the system/app folder. All you need to do is move this folder to its rightful location and that should give you about 10-20 percent boost in battery life, according to users.

To find out how you can move the file to its proper location (and no, it's not as simple as using a file manager to cut-paste the file) click on the source link below.

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