Friday, December 24, 2010

Aliens Have Size 440 Shoes: New Zealand Releases UFO Files (UFO, sighting, report, Auckland, NZ)

The New Zealand military has just released hundreds of documents that detail various UFO sightings and alien encounters. The report dates from 1954 to 2009, and is about 2000 pages long. The report details various oddities, including one about an alien with size 440 shoes.

The various reports were made by members of the public, military personnel, and commercial pilots. The majority of the UFO sightings involve strange, unexplained lights in the sky. Some have hand drawn pictures, photographs, or even videos.

Here are a few examples from the report.

1.) In 1995, a man claims that he met a giant alien with size 440 shoes. The alien explained to the man what happens to humans when they die. The alien said that humans ascend as hydrogen atoms. ”You will remain in hydrogen form for 150 years. Then it will change to sodium,” the alien said. The alien did not comment on where he bought his shoes.

2.) An early example says that a UFO enthusiast witnessed a “strange bowl-shaped object” fall from the sky. But before he could get a closer look at it, the objected ”bounced high and landed on a government survey vessel.”

3.) Another man reproduced a sample of alien writing that he had seen.

4.) In 1998, a woman says that she experienced the sensation of rain on her arms even though weather conditions were clear and calm. The woman also reported seeing a large oval object with a bright reddish light when she experienced the “alien rain.”

5.) The most high profile case, and the most probable for alien contact, involved a sighting in 1978 above the town of Kaikoura. The strange lights were captured by a TV crew, and were also reported on air traffic controller’s radar screens, even though no aircrafts were supposed to be in the area.