Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Configure the WiFi Key on a Windows Mobile 6.1 (help, tips, assist, Window, mobile, 6.1)

Configuring the WiFi key on Windows Mobile 6.1 lets you get online using WiFi networks in addition to the cellular connection on your Windows Mobile device. Provided your WIndows Mobile device has WiFi capabilities, you can connect to and enter the security key for any wireless network in range. In addition to offering faster download speeds than cellular networks, data transferred via WiFi networks does not count against the data cap on your cellular plan, which can save you from paying data overuse charges on your Windows Mobile 6.1 phone.


Non-Touch Devices

1.  Open the Start Menu and select "Settings."

2.  Highlight and select the "Connections" option and then click on "Wireless Manager."

3.  Scroll down to select "Wi-Fi" and press the Enter softkey.

4.  Click "Yes" to view all available wireless networks.

5.  Scroll left or right until you select the network to which you want to connect. Click the "Connect" softkey.

6.  Enter the WiFi security key and press "OK" to connect to the network.

Touch Devices

1.  Tap the Start menu and click on the "Connections" tab.

2.  Click on the "Connections" folder to open it, and then choose "Wireless Manager."

3.  Tap the "Menu" softkey and then select "Wi-Fi Settings" and tap the "Wireless" tab.

4.  Tap "Add New."

5.  Enter a name for the network connection in the appropriate field. Note that this is not the name of the WiFi network, but instead a name used to identify the network on your device.

6.  Select whether you are connecting to a public access point, like that at a coffee shop, or a work network in the Connects to window. If you are connecting through a device-to-device connection, select the option for an ad hoc connection.

7.  Tap "Next" on the screen.

8.  Select the network's data encryption and authentication methods on the Network Authentication screen. Enter the network key or select "The key is automatically provided" depending on the configuration of the network.

9.  Tap "Next."

10.  Enable IEEE 802.1X network access and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) if required by the network. These selections are not common, so only select them if instructed by the network administrator.

11.  Tap "Finish" to save the network key and connect to the wireless network.