Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is so special about iPhone 4 Gaming? (games, iOS, tech, review, report, Auckland, David Lim)

The iPhone 4 is here now and the industry is pretty excited about the new features. One of those features is the new Gyroscope which promises more precise motion sensing for the device. Kotaku contacted a few gaming companies and here's what they think of the new offering.

Sega is excited about the "new range of possibilities" made by the Gyroscope, said their digital brand manager, Ben Harborne. "We look forward to creating titles that take advantage of such precise controls in the near future."

As for X Games Snocross and 2XL Supercross developer 2XL Games, the Gyroscope is exactly what they have been waiting for in the iPhone. "Now that we know the heading, pitch and roll of the phone, we can create several augmented reality apps that can provide guidance and information in very intuitive and user friendly ways," said president Rick Baltman.

For Dave Castelnuvo, the improved motion sensing will also further improve the gameplay of his Pocket God. "We may use it on a limited basis to add a little bonus feature for users with iPhone 4 devices," he said. "I can see this enhancing our earthquake and gravity functionality so you can completely disorient the pygmies when you move the phone around in weird ways."  This post is sponsored by Abby Technology Limited - Blackberry, Android Phone Repair and Apple iPhone Unlock Professional.