Friday, November 26, 2010

Threats by a "manager" from Vodafone, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand (criminal, offence, cyber, crime, criminal, racism)

Was surprise to received a voice message by an idiot who claims to be some sort of "God Manager" from Vodafone and claims that he will issue tra-pass me from visiting that branch.  The voice message seem to be racist in nature and he sounds like he is very much educated or posses any respectable communication skills.  I have been a Vodafone customer since 2004 until this 22 November 2010 for the On Account package.  We will give this a benefit of a doubt before take legal action on the suspect.

This suspect do not realize that he is only a normal worker on fixed average income but wants to play God with those business owners (they have a lot time, money and resources to initiate legal action).  It is sad to see a great company's image and reputation killed by an uneducated cow (if the suspect is truly an employee of Vodafone).

It is easy to let the world know about this weird person with very low self-esteem.  The legal avenue for action would be:(1) File a police report at Auckland Central Police Station
(2) Meet with the Race Relation and give them a copy of the Police Report
(3) Contact Human Right Commission (HRC),
(4) File a report on this idiot with Department of
(5) Meet up with New Zealand Herald and tell them the "news"
(6) Release all complaint reports to the Labor Party and local MP, sweet!
(7) Organize a meeting with Vodafone Corporate Communication

In the past, our groups had been successful to speed up the process to get rid of Paul Henry for good through the use of:
(1)'s forum
(2) Sending heaps of twits via (some chap have over 60,000 followers!)
(3) Share the report with online news portal like
(4) Use the power of famous bloggers to address this issues
(5) Organize public protest with signs, giant poster outside the Newmarket branch (as claimed by the idiot).

Ask all business owners to spread this matter, use word of mouth to ask business owner to swtch to 2Dgrees, Telecom for their mobile phone service and land line internet broadband.

If we do this for three to six months with full media exposures and the reach of the internet; it will sure make a dent on any business.