Friday, November 5, 2010

Issues with Apple iPhone 4 battery problems. 100 percent to 3 in five hours! (tech, news, iOS, report, Auckland)

November 5, 2010--

Now when it comes to the Apple iPhone 4, we must say it seems like one problem after another, this time round it is the battery life and how much it drains so quick.

As mentioned before about the latest software being installed playing havoc with a few things, like not being able to use the iPhone 4 with a Bose stereo docking station and the pain in the backside not being able to connect to the car via Bluetooth, this time round lets talk about the battery life.

Woke up at 6am and only had 4 percent battery life so charged it via my laptop whilst working (Macbook Air), once it got to 100 percent I disconnected and five hours later it was on 3 percent, so glad human life is not as draining as that or I would be born to die within weeks.

Now I know you will all comment saying you have this running in the background or you have wifi on etc, well let me explain what was running. WiFi is always on for work use, I go onto our Facebook wall say every hour just to check things but always logout in between use and of course when you double click the menu button I delete the icons as to make sure it is not running in the back ground.  (Source: TechLand online magazine)

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