Saturday, November 6, 2010

Google Android Phones: Best App Killing Ideas To Boost Speed And Battery

Android task killers app is quite popular among Android phone users and if you are a new on Android phone then here is the tutorial to better understand how and when to kill an app in order to improve the battery backup and boost phone speed.
You can find many task killing app available on the Android Market which is basically an app that forces other apps to quit, with the fewer apps you have running in the background, the better your Android phone’s performance and battery life will be.
First you should clear some misconception about Android apps and processes consuming resources.
Processes and Apps are two different things on Android. An app can stay running in the background without any processes eating up your phone’s resources. The app remains in the phone memory so it launches quickly and returns to its state. When your phone runs out of memory, Android will automatically start killing tasks on its own, starting with ones that you haven’t used in awhile.
The best practice when deciding on which Android app to kill first should be based on CPU usage and not the amount of memory in use. Its not a good practice to activate the autokill feature and always check for the app which is taking up the most CPU time and is not in use.
There are experts who think that task killer apps are absolutely unnecessary and cause more problems than the solution. Sometimes you may even kill important processes that will block the basic functionality like text messages notifications and alarm settings.
If you are not aware of the apps and processes running on the Android phone then you should better leave it to the operating system to handle. The Android 2.2 and the upcomingAndroid 3.0 are quite smart in deciding which app should be killed if its taking too much of resources and not in use.  (
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