Sunday, March 4, 2012

Improve the battery of your Apple iPad 2 and Apple iPhone 4S?

Ever since the release of iPhone 4S, many people have complained about the batteryissue. No, if you thought there’s no way to improve your iPhone 4S battery lifethrough any app – you have to take a look at a recent app released by none other than Philips! But first, the issue:

Apple has acknowledged that certain iOS 5 bugs are causing a lot of battery issues. Already, there’s about 100 hrs decrease in the standby time of iPhone 4S (as compared to iPhone 4). Probably due to the dual-core processor and probably because of heavy apps like Siri and more, the battery doesn’t work as good as in previous versions.

Now, even after the release of iOS 5 and after several people upgraded their iPhone 4 to iOS 5, there have been reports suggesting a poor battery performance. All this could mean that the bug is in the iOS 5 software – which means it should be easily removed once Apple fixes the bugs.

But here’s how to improve iPhone 4 battery life and improve iPhone 4S battery life.  Please note that this is NOT a bug-fix bug-fix which will enhance the battery – this is an app that tells you what you can do to enhance your iPhone 4S battery!

BatterySense from Philips

BatterySense is an app designed to predict almost accurately how many hours of battery is left for specific tasks. These include:

- Video time
- Call time
- Data time
- Internet time
- Standby time
- Game Play time

Besides these, the best part about BatterySense is it helps you extend iPhone 4/4Sbattery life by suggesting you ways to improve iPhone 4/4S battery life.

 What If? Option

The “What If” option is a great way to figure out how long your iPhone 4S will workon battery under various circumstances that you get to choose. Also, you can slide the battery time estimate to your desired position (in hours and minutes) and that will prompt the application to suggest you methods to extend iPhone 4S battery life.

Turning of WiFi, turning down the brightness of the screen and other such simple methods are given to improve iPhone 4S battery life.

Works on iPad Too!

And it works on iPad too – which means you can improve iPad batery life too with BatterySense.

What’s more? It’s a free app so grab it right away! You can get BatterySense here.

 How Best To Use It?

If you want to use it effectively, all you have to do is do a first estimate of why you’ll be using your iPhone 4/4S for the next few hours. If it’s video, check that. If it’s gaming, then check that appropriate square where it says Game Play. Likewise for others.

Then, if you want to improve the iPhone 4s battery life, just slide the level to a higher position. Suggestions would appear instantly. Try them out and then run the app again to see if the settings have had an effect on the estimated battery life.

The Summary

One important feature of the BatterySense app is that it gives a bird’s-eye view ofestimated battery time for all the process in one go – which is quite useful if you just want to see how much longer the battery can stay without needing a charge up.

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