Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you know who are the ten (10) Most Evil People In History?

Evil lurks in all parts of the world and although some people might enjoy watching the gruesome movies filled with depictions of disgustful horrific acts that people might commit to other people, they truly might be appalled by witnessing something of the sort in their real life. You must be wondering why there is a need to make people understand what they do and don’t really feel; this article is actually an endeavor to bring forth 10 of the truly evil people that really existed in this very world where we all live.

Somehow, somewhere there is a person who is living in a home just like us but the difference is that he has traded his soul to the devil himself and the weird part is that you might never notice or believe this fact simply from the look of his face.  So if you are really ready for the true horrors of life, then read on.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, both take the first position together as there is no answer to the debate that who is more evil than the other. During their rule, both had taken such political and economic decisions that directly led to the death of tens of millions of people resulting in Genocide. The whole world is witness to their inhuman atrocities.

Vlad Tepes also known as Vlad the Impaler was a prince of Wallachia in the 15th century. One of his pastimes was to kill people through severe punishments. The one punishment that is most associated with him is impaling. He had a horse tied to the victim’s legs and then a blunt stake was forced inside and that too very slowly so that he died painfully. He was interested in having nails hammered into heads or boiling a person alive besides having them blinded, mutilated and burned.

The person who takes the third position in the list of most evil people is none other than Delphine LaLaurie. What makes it more depressing and evil is that she is a woman – a gender not so commonly associated with psychopathic behavior; but when it is, it leaves an even deeper effect. She was a socialite of sorts but a really sadistic one in her nature. Due to the torturous acts that she carried out with her servants, two of them made a cry for help by lighting a big fire in her kitchen, to the response of which firefighters had come. What they were horrified to see was what lay in the attic – disgustingly mutilated bodies of other servants chained to the wall or a floor. She had even attempted to disfigure a servant and reattach her limbs so she looked like a crab.

Next in the list is Ivan IV of Russia (Ivan the Terrible) who had once ordered his soliders to build a wall around the city of Novgorod, once he found out that the people of the city might be planning to turn to Poland. The wall was built to prevent the people from escaping and each day hundreds of people were gathered in front of him and his son to be tortured and killed. What makes him really evil is that he was as brutal to his own family members as well because he had beat up his own daughter in law for questionable clothing and had even killed his own son over a heated argument.

ivan grozny

At number five, we have the Countess Elizabeth Bathory who had caused so much bloodshed that she is remembered in folklore as the one who bathed in blood of her victims. Over a long period of twenty five years, she escaped being caught for the infamous serial killing murdering over hundreds of peasant girls who had been summoned to the castle for a well-paid job but were found missing later on. One of such stories reached King Mathias II, who then sent looking for those girls at her castle and indeed they found several bodies, some of them dead, some dying and some tortured and mutilated.

Pol Pot has also earned notoriety in history because of his tyrannical rule from 1976 to 1979. Not only did he impose extreme communism which made all the city workers to work in group farms resulting in slave labor and malnutrition leading to their death, he also ordered mass executions and that too with hammers and spades to save ammunition. Almost one third of the entire population of Cambodia was killed during that time.


Ilse Koch, also called the Bitch of Buchenwald, is next. Although it is not determined for certain who was more evil, she or her husband Karl Koch, a Nazi. Taking lives of people in camps was something she did for pleasure for a long time. She was notorious for walking around the camps without her clothing and had every single man killed who even looked at her. A rumor also tells about having two inmates killed because they had similar tattoos on their backs and she wanted to make lampshades out of them. In the end however she took her own life, either out of pleasure or guilt, we will never know.

Another Nazi Bitch was Irma Grese, who was put in charge of almost 30,000 female prisoners in the concentration camps; she was also the perfect candidate for the job as she fulfilled her every sadistic desire of torturing those females. Not only were they made meal-sport for hungry dogs, but were beaten, tortured, sexually harassed and shot to give her pleasure. And if that wasn’t enough to satiate her desires, she randomly picked prisoners for the gas chamber.

So far women have taken up most of the ranking space, and this spot is taken by Katherine Knight who was notoriously known for her destructive relationships. She had a history of murdering and mentally and physically torturing her husbands. One of the stories that are related to her is of how brutally she murdered her husband John Charles Thomas Price. After he had filed against her in the court, she killed him by stabbing 37 times, rupturing vital organs with a butcher knife, then took off his skin and hung it outside the home. She also cooked and baked the rest of his body parts for meal.

Shiro Ishii takes this last and final place in our list; however he cannot be considered any less than the other contenders. A microbiologist general of the Japanese army, he conducted several inhuman and torturous experiments on thousands of prisoners to develop something fruitful for biological warfare. Some of the things he committed were injecting humans with diseases just to see how they develop, female prisoners were raped and gonorrhea and syphilis was intentionally passed into them, their body organs were frozen and thawed for study.