Sunday, March 4, 2012

Help: Apple iPhone Error 3194 – How to Fix iTunes Error 3194?

How to fix iPhone error 3194? Is it tough? Is it tedious? Well, to answer all your questions, we list here two simple methods. The iPhone error 3194 is one of those many iTunes errors people get when they have upgraded or downgraded their software. The point to note here is that the iPhone error 3194 mostly occurs where an older firmware is existent or when you downgrade.

The case of iPhone error 3194 is simple. Whenever Apple upgrades its firmware, any old firmware that exists does not get the necessary signing from Apple (signing of the ECID). This prompts the error to be displayed. The iPhone error 3194 is actually quite a simple issue which Cydiatried to overcome through its iTunes-based tricky maneuver.  However,even that seems to fail when it comes to rectifying the error. 

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