Saturday, January 8, 2011

8-1-2011 Apple iPhine 3 GS 16GB Digitizer Replacement Repair

Client drive from Waiheke Island to Mt Roskill and submitted his iPhone 3GS for repair. According to the client, he said that he was nearly conned by smooth talking crook in Auckland Central who claims ti be the "Expert iPhone" repair (yeah, right; pigs can fly too). This crook asked over the phone for $80 inspection fee plus $249 to replace to damaged digitizer. That is a total of $329! What an idiot, why don't he just go and rob a bank?
It is noted this crook is very shallow person and has no substance at all besides he fake answers and bullshit experience on repair (or stealing parts?) This loser tend to produce heaps of light fake laughers and dry or irrelevant stories about his business empire (one monkey show on a run down shack?)
Most idiots in life always assume others are stupid and blind or have no brains at all. They spilled so much rubbish out of their foul mouths without stopping to think.