Saturday, January 8, 2011

Loser threatened "You know, I can kill him?" (funny, humor, story, Missouri, USA)

January 9th, 2010: After I received a funny story my old dorm buddy from Missouri State University, MO. 63701 yesterday; I almost choke from laughing!  Mindy was a year older than me back in college and we are still best of friends.

WARNING: This is only a story from the USA.  If you are outside the USA and feel that that character fits you, then you go and blame your father or mother.  If not, go and get help; you REALLY REALLY need it.

Mindy Smith of Jackson, Missouri, USA had forward us some funny material about a sick looking Asian guy.  It was a couple of days ago near the Landings, St Louis, Missouri;  they were at the park and overheard some conversation right in the middle of winter of Missouri.

It was cold winter day in Missouri and Mindy was not wearing her ear muffs so she can hear quite a bit.  She said that a weird looking Asian guy dressed in pink (he look very fragile as the body is covered with skin only, weight about 85lbs).  It seems that this thin Asian guy is a mental patient as he shows extreme mood swing (e.g. typical behavioral bipolar swing, a strong sign of bipolar schizophrenia).  The other strange thing is that this Asian guy's eyes look like dead fish's eyes!  You know, like those dead fish you can find in the Missippi River fish market in the heartland of America.

This thin LOSER were talking loud about hurting someone (the discussion was about an ex-Marine who is a professional MMA fighter in the USA!).  To spice things up, his fat Asian wife was slapping his tiny head (or we call it bird brain) as he was shouting in public that he wants to kills someone "easily". My, oh my, Mindy was thinking to herself..."oh, how scare are we?  I am normal American woman and weight twice as much as that SICK Asian man").

It could be that this lunatic skinny LOSER had had suffer mental issue due to child birth condition or childhood scars, perhaps.  The funny thing is that LOSER dress himself in pink from head to toe.  Mindy noticed that when he was barking like a dog in the cold winter day at the Landings, Missouri; he even rolled up his sleeves and showed his muscle.  Unfortunately, Mindy do not have a digital camera handy; so she sent a picture that illustrate how that thin LOSER Asian behaves.

Out of the sudden, Mindy hear that fast and stupid looking Asian lady scolding the think LOSER in broken English:
"If you great, why not make more money? We shit now, staying with your fcuking father. You stupid dog, still drive your mother's car?"
"You great, ah? No cheat people, go make some honest money!"
"How can your shitty small body kill people? Stop fcuking around, bast**d you".
Instantly, the "raging bull" shrunk into sick-looking dead person.  Guess that fat China lady said the truth and hurt the LOSER and wake him up to reality.

According to health science professionals, people like this sick-looking LOSER has very low self-esteem and their type tend to lie or cheat people around him.  To make up their ego, they usually marry fat foreign woman (one is to feel save and two is cut down communication or nagging, perhaps). This type of patient usually cannot be independent, trust nobody, have gloomy views about life and tend to hide or run away from reality.  Aside from that, they fantasize in their little world and hope that things will change according to their wish.  A clear sign is that, such type of person tends to show extremely pleasant from, pretends to be average an average Joe and spills a lot of small talks or lies to impress people around them.   On top of that, they tend to hurt people or kill people's character when other are performing better than them.  So, we all have to watch out for sick-minded people, especially they look like "waling-skeletons" or HIV Positive carriers in the United States of America.

All in all, it is funny how some people are so stupid to talk, give threat in public area of America.  Gosh, when can we stop taking in stupid people in this Great Nation? We have bunch of clowns to deal with now in Washington D.C."

That is all for now folks!