Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loser Rejected Four Times to for phone repair dealership! (news, crook, criminal, Auckland Central, iPhone)

According to our source, a rogue iPhone repair crook had been rejected outright not one or two times, but FOUR (4) times in two weeks to be a dealer for phone repair in Oakland.

Note: Picture shown does not represent any one in Oakland or New Zealand.  If you feel you look like that freak, blame your parents, okay? We are sure you are not in your 40's still staying with your father and driving your mother's car. Not many people are born losers, you know?

Three little birds said most victims had been sharing information on this LOSER who cheated iPhone customers (e.g. swap motherboard, charge $85 to "inspect" iPhone that he cannot unlock in Oakland, USA!)

The victims share with my mate that this sick-looking "iPhone repair" crook in Oakland looks like an AIDS patient and lies like hell.  He is know to be married an illegal migrant from overweight China woman is wanted by the American Boarder Patrol Services.

Some factors of the rejection are:
(1) He operates he run-down "repair centre" from a $2 Shop in the shaddy part of town
(2) Bad track record on screwing big companies in Oakland to repair iPhones (failure rate is at 95%).
(3) Is not a honest person and DO NOT know how to repair iPhone or unlock iPhone beyond version 3.1.3

We wonder there is such an LOSER in Auckland, New Zealand that behave like that?  Search on google, facebook, mypsace, twitter and blogs and you might find out something.  Oh, yes; this loser always hang around a short Asian man; another loser who claims that he is the nephew of the Taiwan Presiden (yeah, the one in jail now, right?)  Well, birds of the same feather flock together!

If you have been ripped off or your iPhone had been killed by any questionable "repair centre", please text us at (021) 117-2222 and we shall guide to the support groups online. Group legal action will sure teach this crook a lesson and spend one or two years in jail.  If you have mates work for big corporation dealing with Apple iPhone, please spread the news or leave details on our blogs.

Be contribute to the goodness of mankind, tell everyone you know about this blog.  The law will catch up with this crook