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haunt lead The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on Facebook

We all do dumb things. Some of us do some very, very dumb things. And unfortunately, everybody has a camera on their phone these days meaning you are always being watched. Then when you factor in the fact that a good portion of the world is involved in some sort of social media…you realize there’s a good chance your worst and most embarrassing moments could show up online for the whole world to see.  Not a good thing when you realize that universities and employers are starting to use social media sites to makes decisions on hiring people for jobs and accepting people into colleges. So it may be a good idea to check your profiles and hide any of the following types of pictures.

7 That one where you are completely wasted
drunk girl 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookEveryone has a friend that likes to take pictures at, well, an inopportune time. Most of us have a spring break or two where we may have a bottle of Jose Cuervo and a sombrero on and we’re funneling beer through a bong. Embarrassing indeed. But the several pics after that where you are throwing-up on yourself, a fraternity brother, or the shoes of a law enforcement agent are the ones that are really going to get you into trouble. Those pics will keep you from getting a job or get you cut-off from your family. If you are going to drink, keep Ansel Adams over there from getting too click-happy.

6 That one where you are doing something illegal
Red Light District 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookThere are a lot of laws in this world; some would argue that there are too many, but they are laws nonetheless. So when you are stealing street signs, TP-ing the house of that teacher everyone hates or taking a car that may not be your own for a joyride– make sure that Exhibit-A isn’t a photo from a Kodak camera. As far as we know, that gun is legally registered. Nobody needs any evidence of that mysterious dairy fire coming to light on your Facebook page, so if you are thinking of breaking the law then it may be wise to enforce the “No flash photography” rule.

5 That one where you are groping a girl that isn’t you girlfriend/boyfriend
groping girl 1 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookHey, you’re somewhere without your significant other and you are having a good time! Maybe you are just chilling and minding your own business and some girl comes and sits on your lap. Maybe the 6 shot of tequila you had in the last 10 minutes causes you to get a little handsier than you would usually be. Or maybe those shots give her a chance to get a little handsier than you would usually let her be (you know it happens ladies); either way, pictures like that don’t lead to excuses, they lead to break-ups and black eyes. No matter who is at fault, life is always easier if there is no photographic evidence of tequila drinking.

4 That one where you are naked
facebook girls 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookThis is a no-brainer. Unless you are getting paid really good money, almost no one wants to have naked pictures of themselves posted online. It may sound like a good idea to take nude pics with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, but what happens when you get into a huge fight and end up breaking things off in an ugly fashion. You get every celebrity sex tape that has ever existed. You should never take “sexy” pics on a digital camera unless you want them to end up on the internet somewhere. It’s science.

3 The one where you are doing drugs
phelps 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookSure, this falls in the “illegal” category I talked about before, but you’d be surprised (maybe not) at how many people on Facebook have pictures of themselves smoking pot or using some sort of illicit substance. To some folks it doesn’t feel like they are breaking the law because they aren’t getting caught, but if those pictures are public and something bad goes down, your Facebook account is going to become Exhibit B. I’m guessing that police (especially campus police) are probably perusing different social media accounts looking for folks who are being a little too blase about their drug use. If you have pics of you with a blunt in your hand, it’s probably only a matter of time until those pictures come back and bite you in the butt.

2 That one where you are where you aren’t supposed to be
Ferris and Cameron car1 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookRemember when you told your girlfriend and your parents that you were going on a mission trip to Guatemala over break and you ended up going on that secret trip to the Bahamas? Nobody was supposed to tell anybody about that. But come on guy, did you really think a few pictures wouldn’t leak out? That night you were supposed to go to go see your girlfriend’s sister in Les Mis and you were suddenly too sick to go, but weren’t too sick to go to Happy Hour to watch Monday Night Football? There is no worse way to find out that a person was lying to you than seeing a picture of them in said lie having a great time. It’s just insult to injury and you will feel the wrath of a woman scorned. You can expect it will be very, very ugly.

1 The one where you look like a Swiss bank
money 135x95 The 7 types of pictures that will haunt you on FacebookHave you ever seen those people who are showing off massive stacks of cash in their profile pictures? You don’t know how they got all that cash, but you suspect that maybe it wasn’t completely by legal means. Then you looks to see that said person has their address and phone number listed on their profile. I’m guessing the IRS may have a few questions for that guy (especially if he makes someone mad and they use the pic to narc on him). You may say, “Hey, they wouldn’t do something like that.” And I will remind you that they are the IRS. They would do something exactly like that.

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