Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Golden Buddha Speaker: Most Expensive Speaker in The World (world record, audio, Auckland)

A perfect sound needs a perfect set of speakers as well. And while technology and innovation continues to make its way and brings us the best gadgets and consumer products in life that aims to give us a better and more convenient living to enjoy, art has not been definitely left behind.  http://tiny.cc/BuddhaSpeakers
The concept of coming out with “Art Speakers” have been pretty much prevalent nowadays. Some music lovers look for a speaker that will complement and further enhance the looks of their home or music rooms. Some art speakers come with sculptural design without sacrificing its state of the art technology and a good sound quality as well. You may have seen a number of art speakers, but not artistic enough to convince you to buy one.

And lately, another perfectly designed speaker has become the subject of recent talks and this might finally convince you to buy one. It’s the Golden Buddha Speaker and believed to be the most expensive speaker in the world. Apparently, the Golden Buddha Speaker is a speaker that comes with a 23-karat gold leaf-covered Buddha statue that costs around US $13,250 or about US$ 43,000 for a pair. This Golden Buddha will definitely catch the attention of many music lovers, religious people as well as art lovers out there.
This spiritual speaker, as you may call it, were especially designed for art lovers by a company named Ton. Basically, it has a half body floating Buddha coated into 23-karat gold and floats above its hand-hammered metal base. Adding up to its artistic design is a golden light that comes between the Buddha and its base, thus, enhancing its unique design further.

This is the latest and most awesome design art speaker made by Ton so far. The company’s art speaker range consists of a variety of around 14 loud speakers from organic, to sculptural and each comes in unique and inexplicable designs that will surely catch the attention of not only music lovers, but art lovers as well.
The 23-karat gold Golden Buddha speaker seems to be a cool and fantastic speaker that you will dream of having. But as expected this art speaker will definitely make you spend a relatively large amount of money too. So what do you think, will you be interested to buy the Golden Buddha speakers?