Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010: The Top Ten Happiest Countries in the World (Ranking, smile, factor)

The recent Gallup World Poll, has put Denmark as the world happiest country, way ahead of the world’s richest country- the United States.  http://tiny.cc/happycountry

Looking at data collected across 132 countries, the Gallup Organization based their marks — released this month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology — on representative samples of more than 136,000 people in each country. 

Respondents were asked how they would rate their lives on a scale from zero (worst possible) to 10 (best possible), as well as answering a series of questions on positive or negative emotions.

Gallup’s top 10 countries are:-

1. Denmark
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. The Netherlands
5. Costa Rica
6. Canada
7. Switzerland
8. New Zealand
9. Sweden
10. Austria

Posted by Abby Technology Limited, Aucland, New Zealand